Cougar garden stone in winter-Copyright 2012 Al Powell

This is ColoCougs.Org, a website for fans, friends and graduates of Washington State University.  It's run and maintained by Al Powell, a 1973 and 1979 WSU grad and Past President of the WSU Alumni Association. WSU is not responsible for the content or text found on this website.

This site has links to WSU alumni and interest sites, to the classic rock and blues band Vintage Winds, and to my blogs: My View From the Rabbit Hole with my views on the world, and Smorgas-Tech, featuring reviews of technology hardware and software.

This website understands and embraces terms like WSU, Wazzu, Cougs, Go Cougs, and beat the dawgz.  (If you don't know who the dawgz are, you'll have to do your homework.)  To join the Colorado Cougs email list, all you need to do is to send an email to: .  You don't need to include a subject or any text in the email.

To find the Colorado Chapter of WSU Alumni, use this WSU Alumni link or the link at the top of this page, and click Groups & Volunteers. You will find the Colorado Cougars with a couple more clicks. The good folks at WSU Alumni can connect you to us - and while you're at it, join the association.

  Back yard in winter with Cougar wind sock-Copyright 2012 Al Powell


Fort Collins bush in fall-Copyright 2012, Al Powell

This is a fall color shot taken in Fort Collins, Colorado. More photos are available for viewing at the link on top of this page. All photos are copyrighted.


I'm fond of saying that if you work with 40 people, you may not know where 39 of them went to college - but if only one is a Washington State Cougar, all 40 will know. 

Wear the Cougar head logo proudly wherever you go, and you can expect to hear a "Go, Cougs!" at least once a day no matter where you are in the world.